The Mobile application that collects geolocated field data for networks infrastructures

ConnectField helps to increase transparency, speed up and optimize field interventions.

Ergonomic and easy to use, the mobile application ConnectField guarantees the quality and the reliability of the data collected.

The collection of technical data on the network infrastructure is structured according to yours needs and transmitted in real time on your IT system.

Application mobile de relevé données terrain géolocalisées

Optimize field data collection


• Control of the subcontracting operations through a precise vision of the field reality
• Data interoperability with your information systems
•  Significant improvement in data quality for analysis
• Increased trust between stakeholders through transparent interventions
• Deploy a proven turnkey digital solution at the best cost/performance

The advantages of ConnectField


Qualified datas

Collection forms defined according to your needs


Visualization of geolocated data

Reliable collections

Validation of reports by photo and integration of artificial intelligence services

Fast processing

Optimized data weight for accelerated loading time on your IT tools

Simple use for quality data processing

Step 1

The user with a smartphone chooses his work zone (NRO, SRO, personalized zone). No training required.

Step 2

The control points and the list of data to be collected are defined upstream : each infrastructure entity (chambre, box,...) has its own form.


Step 3

The user follows the workflow and is guided by the embedded navigation to cover the sites to control. The off-line mode ensures operability even in black spots.

Step 4

The app geolocation allows to identify the place of collection with precision.

Step 5

The intervention is validated once the user has filled the form, added photo and comments.


Step 6

The collected datas are transmitted in real time to the business IS.


Integrated mapping

Thanks to its integrated mapping and route function,the technician moves easily to the location of the technical object, area, equipment, or building to be controlled. An entry of the object reference is also possible to display its geolocation. geolocation.

Detect anomalies with artificial intelligence 

The integration of AI, operable immediately as part of an intervention covered by the network, or in post-processing during readings in offline mode, ensures precise control of any anomalies during interventions.

AI appears not only as a real tool for controlling the data collected but also a valuable aid for field workers. Thanks to artificial intelligence models developed by DOTIC, you will be able, through the photos taken, to detect anomalies to create automated alerts and thus reduce compliance intervention times.


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