The digital geolocated solution for your field data collection.

ConnectField allows more transparency and faster and optimised interventions.

Ergonomique et simple d’utilisation pour l’utilisateur, l’application mobile géolocalisée ConnectField garantit la qualité et la fiabilité des données recueillies.

La collecte des informations techniques sur l’infrastructure réseau est structurée selon vos besoins et transmise en temps réel sur votre système informatique.


Improve the data field


• Control of the subcontractors interventions for a precise field view
• Virtuous circle between datas and app
• Improved data quality to analyze
• Trust enhanced between stakeholders thanks to more transparency
• Deployment of a turnkey digital solution with the best value for money

The advantages of ConnectField


Qualified datas

Collection forms tailored to your needs


Collection through geolocation

Reliable collections

Validation by pictures and AI integration

Fast loading times

Optimised data weight for fast loading time on your tools

An easy use for data management quality

Step 1

The user with a smartphone chooses his work zone (NRO, SRO, personnalized zone). No information requested.

Step 2

The control points and the list of datas to collect will be defined upstream : each infrastructure entity has its own form.


Step 3

L’utilisateur n’a qu’à suivre le workflow indiqué et se laisser guider par la navigation embarquée pour couvrir les sites à contrôler. Le mode off-line permet d’assurer une opérabilité même en zone blanche.

Step 4

The app geolocation allows to identify the collection place precisely.

Step 5

The intervention is approved when the user has completed the form with the possibility to add photos and comments.


Step 6

The collected datas are transmitted in real time to the business IS.


Integrated mapping

Thanks to its integrated mapping and its route function,the technician moves easily to the location of the technical object, area, equipment, or building to be controlled. An entry of the reference of the object is also possible in order to display its geolocation..

Detect anomalies with artificial intelligence 

Thanks to artificial intelligence models developed by DOTIC, you will be able, through the photos taken, to detect anomalies to create automated alerts and thus reduce compliance intervention times.

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