New field data collection mobile application mobile with built-in mapping !

Industrialisation of business processes, geolocation of objects, stable use on smartphone and tablet and mass processing of data all integrated into the ConnectField specifications !

Forms, with logical sections, adapted to your teams, your areas of expertise and your processes (works, quality, safety, heritage).

Robust off-line operation for continuous tours even in white areas.

Increased productivity in the capture of field information (observations, contextualized photos, easier inputs).

Virtuous circle between your business IS and the application in order to benefit from updated information centrally and in the field. 

Discover ConnectField

ConnectField allows you to view, analyse and update your field data from just one professional Android and IOS mobile app. 
Are you an infrastructure operator, integrator, maintainer ?
Your teams now have a digital tool allowing them to ensure, without additional skills, optimal processing of deliveries during the construction of an FTTH network. Your networks will gain in reliability without excessive additional cost and with a significant gain in productivity.
Do you have assets that you need to manage as well as possible ?
ConnectField allows you to make the management of your assets more reliable by monitoring the completion of your work (or those of subcontractors, or delegates), maintenance actions and interventions in order to be able to control your various infrastructures and networks.

Integrated mapping


Thanks to its integrated mapping and its route function,The technician moves easily to the location of the technical object, area, equipment, or building to be controlled. An entry of the reference of the object is also possible in order to display its geolocation.

Detecting anomalies by artificial intelligence


Thanks to artificial intelligence models developed by DOTIC, you will be able, through the photos taken, to detect anomalies to create automated alerts and thus reduce compliance intervention times.

How can I use it ? 

  • Operators ;
  • Integrators ;
  • Installers ;
  • Maintainers ;
  • Public authorities that exchange data and need independent tools to ensure a better flow of information between actors or teams.

What uses ? 

  • Your different assets (buildings, street furniture,...) ;
  • Your infrastructure (telecom, energy, water, road,...) ;
  • Your corrective or preventive maintenance interventions ;
  • Your quality or safety audits on the sites of your contractors ;
  • State of play (equipment fleet, damage suffered, restoration to operational condition) ;
  • Prioritize future interventions based on feedback. 

Les avantages de ConnectField

All types of trades

Forms are adaptable to many areas. Rapid deployment of forms.

Mapping web application

Collection by geolocation.

Fast loading times

Optimization of exchanges for improved loading times.


Offline mode

Project download to the device for offline work.

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