Data Scientist

What does your job consist of?

A data scientist is someone who uses statistical, data science and machine learning techniques to solve complex problems using big data. It consists of collecting, cleaning, analyzing and interpreting data to extract useful information that can be used to make strategic decisions or to improve business operations.

What is your background ? Training?

I did a master 2 in data science with two years of work-study.

An advantage of your job?

An advantage is to be able to work on exciting projects and put your expertise at the service of solving complex problems.

A disadvantage ?

A slight disadvantage is that one must be able to work on very large amounts of data which is quite demanding in terms of time and computing resources.

What skills do you use?

I use my skills in statistics, computer science, machine learning but also in communication since we are very regularly called upon to explain our discoveries and analyzes to a non-technical audience.

What are the prospects for development?

In terms of development, it could be project manager, division manager or manager.


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