Developer intern

What does your job consist of?

As a work-study student at DOTIC, I am regularly required to learn, to train myself but also to participate in the development of the company’s various projects. I also have to ensure a technological watch and document myself in order to propose better solutions. I collaborate on other projects through meetings and code reviews with other members of my team. That being the development remains the biggest part of my work.

What is your background ? Training?

Before arriving at DOTIC, I did an STI2D baccalaureate, followed by two years of DUT MMI, then I did a bachelor’s and a master’s degree at Bordeaux YNOV Campus.

An advantage of alternation?

The advantage of being on a work-study program at DOTIC is that we learn quickly, we are very well supervised, it changes basic courses and it allows us to apply the theory directly in business.

A disadvantage ?

A disadvantage is that it is sometimes a big mental load. You have to know how to successfully juggle between business projects, courses and exams and it is not always easy.

What skills do you use?

It’s a position that requires organization and versatility, but also curiosity, a touch of everything and adaptation.

What are the prospects for development?

Then I would like to become a full stack developer or even a project manager.

More information ?