Software development

Solution Development

Your dedicated custom network applications

Dotic’s development skills centre was created three years ago with the creation of the ConnectControlIt now includes 8 developers, covering all current programming languages, who have acquired a strong knowledge of the telecom business and GIS services over the years.

We respond to requests for tool development. Our responses are based on our customers’ specifications, and are offered as fixed-price packages.

We monitor our projects in agile mode and, in the interests of transparency, provide our customers with the ability to access our project management system.

Our services

We attach great importance to code quality, , ensuring that our customers can operate and maintain the system at reduced cost. The solutions we develop are accompanied by functional standard documentation. At each Sprint, we commit our customers to testing and approving our production runs in order to ensure continuity in quality monitoring.

  • Concept development and functional design using your own thinking
  • Software Flexible, scalable
  • Turnkey delivery, deployed on your own secure infrastructure or in SaaS mod
  • Quick monitoring and maintenance.


Head of Development skills centre

A full-stack developer with 15 years of experience on a wide variety of projects, Fabien has managed Dotic’s development skills centre since 2020, where he oversees the team and projects. “The assignments handled by the development team offer interesting, creative and highly educative challenges, which is what makes our work so fascinating.”

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