Fullstack developer

What does your job consist of?

My missions consist in improving and maintaining the various projects that we have at DOTIC, whether it is the front end part or the back end part. It also involves managing the infrastructure and setting up continuous integrations and deployments. I also take care of respecting good code practices, especially during code reviews.

What is your background ? Training?

Before arriving at DOTIC, I did a baccalaureate S option engineering science and then I did 5 years of study at the EPITECH school in Bordeaux where I obtained the title of expert in technology some information.

An advantage of your job?

Work on all aspects of a project so, as I said, the front end and back end. Also, in our profession we learn about it every day because it is a very diversified, vast and growing profession, so everything is changing and we always have to keep up to date.

A disadvantage ?

The small disadvantage is that, since our job is a job that changes a lot, you have to be aware of all the new technologies that will come out and keep a permanent watch, which can be a bit time-consuming.

What skills do you use?

I use skills in IT development, of course, in organization, you have to be rigorous, know how to work in a team and above all be curious.

What are the prospects for development?

I can become lead developer and then technical director.

More information ?