GIS project manager

What does your job consist of?

We are the bridge between the business need, therefore the customer’s need, and development, therefore the more technical part. For this we direct the developments towards what we think is the best solution to meet the needs of the customer. In the case of GIS project managers, we will also do development, which allows us to really have the complete link between the customer need, the customer contact and what it is possible to do from a point of view development.

What is your background ? Training?

I studied urban engineering at the UTC (University of Technology of Compiègne) and I specialized in GIS through projects and my internships.

An advantage of your job?

One advantage of this profession is that we see the whole of a project, from the client to development, which allows us to be a reference on the subject. You really have a feeling of mastering the subject from beginning to end.

A disadvantage ?

A difficulty of this job is to distinguish between pure project management and the development part. We sometimes want to do more since it’s something we are more prepared for when we arrive, but the project management part is also important for the project to be completed properly.

What skills do you use?

I use both business skills, so in my case it’s the FTTH network, so fiber optics, and both more GIS technical skills. We are a lot on SQL, FME. Currently, these are the two main technologies that we use.

What are the prospects for development?

I can manage a GIS team, be responsible for a pole why not.

More information ?