ConnectControl is an online platform that providesa means of automating the control of geographical data deliverables for FTTH networks aux différentes phases de construction et d’améliorer la qualité des données exploitées. Ce service est intended for use by local communities, integrators and operators acting as part of the deployment of FTTH public initiative networks.


Simplify and streamline the filing of your deliverables and precisely manage your projects.


Get clear, powerful reports to help you make the right decisions.


Visualise your deliverables and projects in an innovative way, on a variety of media.

Discover ConnectControl

ConnectControl makes reliable deliverables easy, bringing you the tools you need to analyse, visualise and correct issues.

Your project managers now have access to a solution that enables them to handle deliveries without additional skills when building an FTTH network. Your networks will be more reliable, yet without excessive additional costs and with significant productivity enhancements.

Advanced Analysis Report

From a global vision to the precise detail of an anomaly, ConnectControl brings you the Reports, diagnostics and analysis tools necessary to resolve your anomalies.

Optimize your time by easily accessing the points requiring your interventions.

Synoptic and cartographic visualization

ConnectControl gives you the ability to visualize your deliverables and projects on different media to better interpret anomalies or track your progress. Cartography, synoptic graph, full report, evolution of deliverables in time...

Quickly switch between visualization methods without losing track of your work, all on one platform !

Complete control and analysis solution

ConnectControl provides the necessary features allowing you to analyze and correct your deliverables..

Get a follow-up of the quality of your deliverables over time, Visualize errors on different media to understand and correct them..

ConnectControl pricing

Local communities

  • No-commitment offer
  • Packaged and intended specifically for local communities (for a local authority area)
  • Up to 2 users.




  • Deployment of Connect-Control and its components within your secure infrastructure
  • Integration support: training, business advice, software support.


  • Available 24/7

You focus on your goals, we take care of the rest.



The advantages of ConnectControl

Industrialisation of controls

Control multiple projects, with different data models, by different users.

Improved customer-supplier relationship

Build trust between stakeholders by automating the processing of your FTTH deliverables against jointly agreed fundamentals.

More reliable deliverables

Apply control points accurately for more reliable deliverables.


Manage the cost of controls

Take advantage of a shared platform that offers low submission processing costs and enables you to track the quality of all submissions made.


Neutral controls

Prove the compliance of your deliverables with approval of control points by a third-party platform.


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