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The company, The team, The ambition

DOTIC, software publisher, aims to be a reference in the management of distribution infrastructures, as telecom, gas or electricity.
DOTIC became a reference by major telecom companies as Orange, Altitude or SFR and we have a high skills level that permit to have innovative solutions.
DOTIC is specialized in digital solutions with built-in mapping, data management, data transformation, technical functions linked to customers processes.
DOTIC respond to requests for tool development tailor-made but we also propose a software suite that permit to control and make data collection.

Key numbers

years of experience

millions of euros

customer references


Location of the company

Our employees are required to operate on the national and international territory. Our head office is located in Bordeaux.


Our team

DOTIC brings together a committed multidisciplinary team representing a very wide range of backgrounds and experience. Our team is divided into four skills centres, and this structure ensures we can respond effectively to the challenges of the products entrusted to us by our customers.

These centres complement one another to ensure the success of your most complex projects. Our skills centres are interdependent, working in constant harmony to fulfil the dual objectives of customer satisfaction and major functional innovation. 

Nos métiers

Voici les présentations des métiers que l’on peut retrouver au sein de DOTIC.

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