Online platform for quality control and analysis of your network infrastructures.

ConnectControl is a quality control solution for technical informations related to the contruction or operation of a telecom network. This software was designed as a collaborative platform allowing a simplified and reliable visualization of your infrastructure. It centralizes reports, diagnosis and analyzing tools needed to resolve anomalies.



Simplify and streamline the filing of your deliverables and manage your projects with precision.



Get clear, high performance reports to help you make the right decisions.


Visualize your deliverables and projects in an innovative way, on a variety of media.

Quality control and optimization of your data processing

Quality control and optimization of your data processing Thanks to its integrated mapping, ConnectControl allows to create a digital twin of the field infrastructures. You can visualize the network for an optimized analysis and make corrective actions in a short time. Data management is more reliable without excessive additional costs and significant productivity gain.

Choosing ConnectControl means choosing a reliable control of the quality of data collected on the network infrastructure while displaying its desire to share information and transparency with customers and providers.


The advantages of ConnectControl

Industrialization of controls

Piloting multiple projects, large or small, with different data models, by multiple users.

Customer-provider relationship

Transparency and trust between stakeholders with the automation of the processing of your data on bases agreed together. Publication of reports.


of deliverables

Accuracy of control points applied for more reliable deliverables.

Manage control costs

Take advantage of a shared platform that offers a low processing cost and quality monitoring of all submissions made.


Control neutrality

Prove compliance with your deliverables through a third-party validation of control points.

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