Artificial Intelligence – AI

Our ambition: to be at the forefront of quality. It is in this sense that our dedicated team continuously develops and optimizes the technological performance of our AI, by constantly “feeding” our tool with usable field data and by exploring new applications oriented towards concrete benefits for our customers.

IA Intelligence artificielle DOTIC traitement données telecom FTTH

Relevant AI for the quality of infrastructure data

Making interventions or checks more reliable while saving time is a subject that is becoming increasingly important in organizations. With its knowledge of the operational issues of its customers, DOTIC develops its own Artificial Intelligence – AI module, integrated into its software.

During a field intervention with the ConnectField mobile application, the activation of AI functions now makes it possible to:


      • Guarantee optical continuity
      • Validate label compliance
      • Batch blurring in compliance with GDPR
      • Detecting buffers in the case of underground PBOs
      • Validate the conformity of the FttH connections
      • Ensure compliance with engineering rules
      • Mastering interventions, avoiding duplicate photos

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