Softwares for data quality

DOTIC, software publisher, developped ConnectField, a collection mobile application with built-in mapping and ConnectControl, digital solution for data quality control linked to your passive infrastructures - telecommunication, gas, electricity.

logiciels sig connectfied

Mobile application that allows data geolocated collection, ConnectField ensures an intervention and a collection of reliable and traceable datas allowing a precise vision of the field reality.

logiciels sig connectcontrol

Software for the quality control of technical informations linked to the construction or the explotation of a distribution network, ConnectControl is built as a collaborative platform allowing a simplified and reliable vision of your infrastructure.

DOTIC expertises


Its expertise in georeferencing allows DOTIC to operate on the entire life of your projects and to rapidly deploy solutions for your GIS and Data operationnal needs.

    • GIS and data projects
    • Mapping
    • Consulting, audit and training

Software development

Beyond the offer of ConnectField and ConnectControl softwares, our expertise and our organization allows us to develop solutions tailored to your operational needs. The Dotic's development skills centre ensures the development of your applications in agile mode.

    • Concept development and functional design using your own thinking
    • Software flexible, scalable
    • Turnkey delivery
    • Deployed on your own secure infrastructure or in SaaS mode
    • Quick monitoring and maintenance.

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